Casey James Brooks

Casey James Brooks is nothing short of resilient. A rock and roll lifer, if you will, who survived being a latch key kid in the 70's with an FM radio dial as his baby sitter and a copy of "Workingman's Dead" from which he took his name.  

After a childhood rich in rock ’n’ roll and hippie culture, the singer/songwriter has called Phoenix his home for the majority of his life and been a contributing member of the music scene for three decades. Brooks cut his teeth early on singing in a metal cover band during his high school years and then played guitar and sang in a number of metal, punk, grunge and garage bands in his 20's and 30's.  

After taking a few years off to recharge his musical batteries, a new writing cycle emerged for Brooks as he started cranking out tune after tune of rootsy, heartfelt music that took a left turn from his more aggressive roots. With confidence building, Brooks released his very first solo album in late 2016 called "A Lifetime Of Bad Decisions". Co-produced by Grammy winning engineer Jeremy Parker, Brooks recruited a list of former bandmates and friends to help record the album including Glen Campbell’s long-time drummer, Gary Bruzzese.  

Brooks’ latest release, "The Shape We’re In", found him taking a different approach to the recording process. This time he hired three musicians including Jon Rauhouse, who is best known for being a touring multi-instrumentalist with Neko Case. After only one three-hour rehearsal, the “instant” band recorded five songs live in an eight-hour session the following day. With everyone having a sense of urgency, Brooks felt he and his fellow musicians were able to create an organic musical conduit that everyone tapped into during their short time together. The record has a very old school country feel but still has his unique mix of Americana folk pop and gospel.


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